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We understand that people travel with different challenges. Their journey generally starts on the internet - seeking information that is often not readily available and can be inaccurate and irrelevant.


We also understand that businessess may not be aware of their accessibility or lack of it on line or in person. 


Accessible Herefordshire have the skills, experience and expertise to enhance the visitor experience and business offers.


We also have accessible tourist trails, accessible walks and suggestions of things to do in Herefordshire for diverse groups and visitors. We can suggest businesses who have worked with us to improve their accessibility 


Visitor Case Study 

Stourport couple unable to find any information about accessible overnight accommodation in Ledbury

A couple from Stourport with specific mobility needs contacted us, wanting dinner and overnight accommodation at a hotel in Ledbury, Herefordshire. They could not find any accessible accommodation details online or when they telephoned the hotel. We investigated further and advised with up to date, correct information. The couple were delighted, booked dinner and accommodation, and told us they would do this regularly as a treat. 

We told the hotel that they were "hiding their light under a bushel"  The hotel adjusted their online message and trained staff to highlight the venue’s accessibility. The hotel is thrilled and we can now confidently recommend it and include it in the trails we produce. ​

We offer this service FREE to visitors. Contact us for more information


Business support - are you missing out on a profitable market unnecessarily?

We understand that many historic buildings in Herefordshire are Listed or have quirky interiors and exteriors. We work with businesses to enable them to highlight, improve and showcase what aspects of their businesses are accessible. Learn more about our Business Advisory Service here.

We work with Tourist Information Centres, Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire and VisitHerefordshire.

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