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Official documentation for Accessible Herefordshire CIC


CIC 34

Community Interest Company Report

Company Name in full

Accessible Herefordshire CIC


Company Number




Year Ending

31 March 2023


In accordance with section 34 of the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 and contain the information required by Part 7 of the Community Interest Company Regulations 2005.  For further guidance see chapter 8 of the Regulator’s guidance notes and the alternate example provided for a more complex company with more detailed notes.


(N.B. A Filing Fee of £15 is payable on this document. Please enclose a cheque or postal order payable to Companies House)



In the space provided below, please insert a general account of the company’s activities in the financial year to which the report relates, including a description of how they have benefited the community. 

Accessible Herefordshire has conducted the following activities,


  1. Promotion, Marketing and Communication - Established good digital communications through social media Facebook, Instagram and twitter, newsletter and website.

  2. Training Created an introductory Access Ambassador training and trained 16 people

  3. Established an advisory base of volunteers and supporting organisations and new volunteers with specific skills and knowledge.

  4. Collaborated with organisations - particularly in Leominster and Hereford

  5. Advised visitors free of charge about accessible solutions to there travel questions.

  6. Access Audits and Reviews for buildings, activities and websites conducted over 15 audits for local businesses and activity providers and written an access statement.

  7. Collaborated with organisations to work on improving accessibility and receiving feedback on what needs to be improved or celebrated particularly in Leominster and Hereford, such as,

  • Walking groups, trialling and assisting with text for leaflets and sharing walks via go pro

  • Dementia Matters Herefordshire, Echo and Eaton Barn and Sheds Together UK

  • Herefordshire Wildlife Trust following attendance at the Access training the organisation improved paths and signage.

  • Leominster Shopmobility, and possible revival of Hereford Shopmobility

  1. Networked meetings attended include, Talk Community, Make It Real Group, Eat, Sleep Live Herefordshire, Hereford BID, Herefordshire Disabilities United. We attended in person conferences such as Dementia Matters, Lokur, Healthwatch and online sessions with SENSE UK,

  2. Strengthened our knowledge and learning in operating this CIC and delivering advisory services.


(If applicable, please just state “A social audit report covering these points is attached”).

(Please continue on separate continuation sheet if necessary.)

PART 2 – CONSULTATION WITH STAKEHOLDERS – Please indicate who the company’s stakeholders are; how the stakeholders have been consulted and what action, if any, has the company taken in response to feedback from its consultations? If there has been no consultation, this should be made clear.

We have consulted and build on our knowledge, skills and understanding. We now have a group of people we can involve in creating accessible trails and events with differing skills and knowledge. Our consultations include,

  1. Advisory group – contact online for much of year due to covid and travel distances and convening a time the suited most people. Towards the end of the first year we held in person meetings Dec 2022 and Feb 2023 

  2. Consultation with disabled people of all ages through collaborating with organisations such as Dementia Matters Here, Sheds Together/ Age Uk, Echo Herefordshire, Herefordshire Parent Carer Voice, Leominster Shopmobility, Herefordshire Disability United

  3. Tourism and leisure businesses including Green Dragon Hotel, Halo Leisure, Hereford BID, initial involvement with Herefordshire County BID, ESL Herefordshire, Leominster, Ross and Hereford Tourist Information Centres, Herefordshire Wildlife and Queenswood Country Park, Leominster Walkers are Welcome. We hosted an online presentation from Visit England July 2022.

  4. Signposting and advocacy with visitors and tourist to Herefordshire venue sand activities wanting accessibility information and trails.


(If applicable, please just state “A social audit report covering these points is attached”).

PART 3 – DIRECTORS’ REMUNERATION – if you have provided full details in your accounts you need not reproduce it here.  Please clearly identify the information within the accounts and confirm that, “There were no other transactions or arrangements in connection with the remuneration of directors, or compensation for director’s loss of office, which require to be disclosed” (See example with full notes). If no remuneration was received you must state that “no remuneration was received” below.


The following totals have been paid to Directors on a Self Employed basis:

Angela Martin  £ 2,294.66 and Victoria Nicolson-James £ 2,204.56



PART 4 – TRANSFERS OF ASSETS OTHER THAN FOR FULL CONSIDERATION – Please insert full details of any transfers of assets other than for full consideration e.g. Donations to outside bodies.  If this does not apply you must state that “no transfer of assets other than for full consideration has been made” below.




No transfer of assets other than for full consideration has been made.


(Please continue on separate continuation sheet if necessary.)



PART 5 – SIGNATORY (Please note this must be a live signature)                                                                                                                (DD/MM/YY)

The original report must be signed by a director or secretary of the company








 Please note that it is a legal requirement for the date format to be provided in full throughout the CIC34 report.





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