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What is Accessible Herefordshire CIC?

We're dedicated to empowering individuals who require good accessibility by providing comprehensive information and support. Our mission is simple: to gather and open up access-related resources for all.

Accessible Herefordshire act as a central hub, facilitating interactions and collaboration between accessibility providers and users. Think of us as a welcoming hug, guiding and signposting individuals on their accessibility journey.

We're not just about sharing information; we're about fostering meaningful connections and driving action. Through our platform, users can discover a wealth of resources, ideas, and initiatives aimed at promoting accessibility. From accessible venues and services to innovative solutions and inclusive events, we're here to inspire and empower.

But we don't stop there. We actively engage with providers and users, encouraging dialogue and collaboration to address accessibility challenges collectively. Together, we're turning ideas into action and making real progress on the journey towards inclusivity.

Join us in spreading the message of accessibility far and wide. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels welcome, valued, and included. Volunteers and ambassadors always welcome - training provided

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Vicky and Angela

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Easy access wins Tip 1

Clear Signage: Ensure that signs directing to accessible entrances, toilets, and parking spaces are clear, visible, and easy to understand and at a position a wheelchair user can read the sign.


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