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Bench Talk with Jo Hilditch

Vicky had the opportunity back in February 2021 to be interviewed by the then, High Sheriff of Herefordshire Jo Hilditch. She herself had a sister Nicky who had similar disabilities to Vicky's daughter Clementine and so they bonded. This podcast was part of Jo's Bench Talks with local people of Herefordshire. Here we explore Vicky's role as a mum, carer and disability champion as director of Accessible Herefordshire CIC

"Vicky Nicolson-James is the mother of lovely Clementine. 18 -old Clemmie has profound and multiple physical and learning difficulties and has been looked after assiduously by her mother and father, as well as being at Westfield Special School in Leominster. Having a disability of any sort makes life difficult for the individual and of course the rest of the family especially when out and about trying to do the everyday things we all take for granted; as well as visiting tourist attactions. Vicky is making it a project to improve awareness in the community with her Accessible Herefordshire CICcampaign – imagine if you can’t take the family out because there’s nowhere suitable to change your child. This podcast will make you realise how lucky you are – if you know nothing about living with a disability, or with a person with a disability this podcast will give you an understated view and help you appreciate the resilience needed and so well displayed by this lovely lady. It is particularly poignant for me as I had a sister Nicky, who was very similar to Clemmie, and was one of the early pupils at Westfield, so I well understand the daily struggles.

Listen here

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