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Welcome to Accessible Herefordshire CIC

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Accessible Herefordshire CIC provides accessible information, events, facilities and services to include disabled and non-disabled adults and children living in and visiting Herefordshire’s amenities, activities and venues.

AH also provides Herefordshire businesses with training and information for developing relationships with and providing clear information for a diversity of customers, communities and visitors. We underestand it is not always possible to be "accessible" to all customers but we seek to showcase and highligth with businesses what can be accessed and how both in their online message and in person.

Why Accessible Herefordshire?

AH was set up in spring 2022, by Co-Directors Vicky Nicolson-James and Angela Martin. As a Community

Interest Company (CIC) to bridge the information gap between disabled visitors and communities with disabilities and Herefordshire business providers.

AH understands people travel with different challenges. Their journey generally starts on the internet - seeking information that is often not readily available, frustratingly incomplete, unwelcoming, inaccurate and irrelevant.  The C

o-Directors have the skills, experience and expertise to enhance the visit or experience and business offers. Vicky has a daughter with complex mobility and health needs and has lived in Herefordshire for 15 years with her husband and three children. Her work experience includes marketing and promotion. Angela has worked for many years promoting inclusion and accessibility as a project manager, youth worker and mentor.

For more information please contact Vicky or Angela

at Accessible Herefordshire CIC.





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