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We are delighted to be able to refer visitors to an accessible Herefordshire !

Today we spoke to a couple wanting to visit Hereford City from Basingstoke to visit family in a few weeks time. We were delighted to be able to recommend the Green Dragon Hotel for this couple. They were the perfect fit and ensures they will be centrally located. We also recommended the Castle Hotel in their accessible suite.

We were able to recommend these two great centrally located hotels because the hotels asked us to come and have a look and advise them how to be more accessible for visitors. This is a paid for audit and advice and allows us to provide good, accurate and up to date inforrmation for visitors and provide them with a warm, inclusive welcome to Herefordshire.

If you would like such advice for your business or tourism venue, please get in touch

Vicky and Angela

Accessible Herefordshire CIC

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