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Purple Tuesday - a commitment to improving customer experiences for disabled people.

The Purple Pound – the consumer spending power of disabled people and their families – is estimated to be worth £249 billion, and it is rising by an average of 14% per annum.

Worldwide, the Purple Pound equates to a staggering £2.25 trillion, yet less than 10% of businesses have a targeted plan to access this disability market.

Purple Tuesday: 1 November 2022 is a day for organisations and disabled people to celebrate the purple pound and positive change together. Purple Tuesday aims to help raise awareness of the value and needs of disabled customers, and make the customer experience accessible.

Purple Tuesday is a free initiative for organisations of all sectors and sizes to get involved with by making at least one commitment to improve the customer experience for disabled people all year round.

Participating in Purple Tuesday is a win-win for both organisations and disabled people. The organisations benefit from opening their businesses to a wider market and therefore being able to tap into a new revenue stream. Disabled people benefit from having more options and freedom as to where they can spend their money.

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