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Accessible Herefordshire Got Crafty !

Accessible Herefordshire had a sprinkle of magic today in the excellent company of Shop Mobility Leominster, Leominster Tourism Centre and participants from Echo Eaton Barns, Stoke Prior. Avril from Food Friends Flowers guided us through creating the most

spectacular festive arrangements from table top candle wreaths, front door wreaths, illuminated beech husks to drape any self respecting Christmas table. Alium heads were touched with glitter and just a little sprinkle of magic. Everyone chatted over tea, cake and biscuits and the Echo participants earned themselves a hot chocolate.

Accessibility in Leominster, how it could be improved and a coming together of minds and ideas was powerful - we had two ex mayors of Leominsters, town councillors and those who volunteer for the benefit of Leominster - watch this space. Kindly funded by Herefordshire Community Foundation. Accessibly accommodated by Services for Independent Living, Leominster. Thank you all for your input, enthusiam and support.

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