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A wheely accessible itinerary for visitor to Little Doward, near Whitchurch, Herefordshire

Peter and his wife will be visiting Little Doward, near Whitchurch this summer and have asked us for some help planning a wheely accessible itinerary. Peter's wife is a Blue Badge holder and gets around on a mobility scooter - they enjoy woodlands, viewpoints, pubs and restaurants and are open to other forms of transport too.

Here is what we thought - please let us know of anywhere else you can add to this list - especially the "other forms of transport" ideas please ! - "The wood covers Little Doward Hill, so most paths have steep sections along them. There is a mix of wide forestry tracks, allowing motorised wheelchair access to the hill fort, and smaller unsurfaced woodland paths, some quite rough and steep."

There is a super video of visiting the very beautiful Symonds Yat with a mobility scooter and you get to see the terrain and how easy it would be for you both

We can recommend the Butterfly Zoo at Symonds Yat - its super wheely friendly - lots to see and browse - food, picnic areas etc, maze, electric scooter to borrow for the maze and accessible crazy golf. Hoisted good new nice loo , carer goes free, super helpful staff

Hellens Manor - great garden trail and accessible, psychic gardens, maze and lovely tea rooms

A Museum Without Walls? Ross on Wye are using augmented reality (AR) to bring back lost aspects of our town’s past. AR allows us to construct digital, animated, three-dimensional representations of buildings and other objects that have been lost to time. Using a smartphone or tablet you can walk around the town and see some of it as it once was.

(Download the app)

Wheely friendly Ross on Wye walk number 5 around the town

Hereford City Hereford Courtyard Theatre is lovely and has great food and drink - they are accessible too and have wheelchair access and spaces in the theatre so you can watch films there too on a rainy day Perfect!

The shopping is good by the Cathedral (Church Street) and is accessible too with trained staff. There is a sensory trail around the cathedral. The famous Mappa Mundy map is here and a medieval chained library as well as a stained window dedicated to SAS service personnel stationed in Hereford.

Castle House Hotel and The Green Dragon Hotel – both are accessible and great for meals and/or coffee in the city - please mention Accessible Herefordshire CIC if you visit.

Hereford Cider Museum, good access & very interesting, wheelchairs can't access the cellar but they have a photo album to show whats there and a good cafe. Helpful staff.

river Wye to the left of picture and green fields with trees on the river banks
A view of Symonds Yat, Herefordshire

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Easy access wins Tip 1

Clear Signage: Ensure that signs directing to accessible entrances, toilets, and parking spaces are clear, visible, and easy to understand and at a position a wheelchair user can read the sign.


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